Innovation in Magnetics

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Space and Aerospace

Space Applications 

Bartington supplies a magnetic sensors designed for use in the harsh environment of space. Applications include spacecraft attitude sensing, geomagnetic field mapping, and spacecraft magnetic signature measurement.

For low Earth orbit missions we offer Spacemag-Lite, which is an unpackaged product designed to for incorporation into CubeSat mini satellites.

Aerospace Applications 

Bartington designs and manufactures magnetic field measurement instruments for the aerospace sector, including fluxgate sensors for integration into magnetic anomaly detection and surveillance systems.

The Mag629 three-axis field sensor has long been a preferred solution. Interest is increasing in the use of fluxgate sensors on unmanned aircraft, where the unpackaged Mag669 is recommended for integration into onboard systems in manned aircraft. Both these sensors have been tested to military standards.

The Mag-03 series and Mag658 digital fluxgate magnetometers make ideal standalone sensors for airborne measurements, such as in the sensor package in an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). 

Bartington also offers systems for calibration of compasses used on aircraft, enabling calibration checks of compass bases or pads located at an airport or an air base, carried out using two Mag-01H DI systems. For checks of compasses after removal from aircraft, the system can be used to monitor the changes in declination during the calibration procedure. Helmholtz Coils can also be used to perform the compass calibration.