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Non-Magnetic Cart


This lightweight, non-magnetic, carbon fibre cart is designed to carry up to 12 Grad-13 or Grad-01 gradiometer sensors together with all their related batteries and data logging equipment. The 4m wide cart can be configured for push or pull operation, by simply rotating the suspension leafs.

The cart, weighing 20kg (or 29kg when using the towing attachment), is easily assembled and disassembled using a single tool. When completely dismantled, the longest part is 2.3m allowing for transport in most vehicles. The suspension incorporates a self-damping system, whilst their stiffness can be varied depending on load and terrain. A towing attachment, extending the length of the cart by 4m, allow surveys to be carried out at greater speed without the magnetic signature of the vehicle interfering with the sensors.

Typical applications:

• Archaeological Geophysics

• Forensics

• UXO detection

• Pipe and cable location


• Lightweight and easy to assemble

• Push pull operation and optional towing attachment

• Can accommodate Grad-01-1000L and Grad-13

• Optional software for GPS-based surveys available

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