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Metrolab TFM1186 – THM1176

Metrolab THM1176 / TFM1186 Desktop and Handheld Magnetometers


Metrolab Technology work with both Hall Effect and fluxgate sensors in order to provide sensors that cover a wider range of magnetic fields.  Bartington Instruments can supply the THM1176 and TM1186 series desktop and handheld magnetometer kits from Metrolab.  These sensors are available in either a desktop version for use with a PC, or as handheld kits including a PDA used for data acquisition.

THM1176-PC / THM1176-PDA  

Desktop and Handheld kits available with Low, Medium or High Field 3-Axis Hall Effect Magnetometers:

  • Low Field  Measures fields up to 8mT (2µT resolution).
  • Medium Field  Measures fields up to 3T (1% accuracy).
  • High Field   Measures fields up to 20T (1% accuracy).

All ranges include AC fields up to 1kHz.

TFM1186-PC / TFM1186-PDA  

Desktop and Handheld kits with 3-Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer.  A compact three-axis fluxgate magnetometer for measuring very low fields up to 100µT with 4nT resolution, including AC fields up to 1kHz, using a Bartington three-axis fluxgate sensor.

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