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Magmeter-2 Power Supply and Display Unit

Magmeter2 Power Supply and Display UnitMagmeter Power Supply and Display Unit

The Magmeter-2 provides power for most Bartington Instruments' magnetic field sensors and simple access to filtered versions of the sensors' XYZ outputs. Three incorporated, back-lit LCD displays show the values of the magnetic field being measured by the connected sensor. Low-pass filtering (9.5kHz) is applied to all sensor outputs. A high-pass filter (0.1Hz) is also selectable via a front panel switch.

Magmeter-2 has a 4½ digit display and gives 10nT resolution for ranges up to ±100μT, and 100nT resolution for ranges up to ±1000μT. Powered by internal rechargeable batteries, the unit is supplied with a mains AC charging adaptor, which enables continuous operation.

Typical applications

• Rapid check of magnetic field strength.


• Display of magnetic field strength with resolution of up to 10nT.

• Operate with both single-ended and differential sensors' output.

• Low-pass filter and optional high-pass filter.

Compatible with

Most Bartington Instruments' single and three-axis magnetic field sensors.

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