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Mag-03RC Three-Axis Magnetic Signature Range Sensor


The Mag-03RC three-axis range magnetometer has been designed for use underwater and over long cables. It is ideal for integration in magnetic signature ranges.

Built-in testing is a key feature of the Mag-03RC, allowing you to remotely generate a test magnetic field to check that the sensor is working correctly. Background noise is minimal enabling highly accurate measurements to be made.

The Mag-03RC can operate continuously, with connecting cable lengths of up to 2km, enabling the sensor to be placed offshore in a suitable location. With a mean time before failure of 75,000 hours, maintenance is minimal. It can be used with optional underwater mateable connectors (stainless steel or titanium) for simplified deployment; the cable can be connected underwater once the sensor is installed. A plastic dry-mateable connector is also available.


The Mag-03RC three-axis range magnetometer is ideal for use in marine defence – for example to measure the signature of naval vessels such as submarines or minehunters.


Use the DAS1 magnetic range data acquisition system with the Mag-03RC.

  • Built-in testing
  • Highly reliable
  • up to 2km cable length
  • Submersible
  • Low background noise
This product has been classified as a military item. An export licence is required for shipping this product outside the UK. Please contact for further details.

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