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Mag-03 Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensors


These versatile high-performance fluxgate sensors provide precision measurements of static and alternating magnetic fields in three axes. Noise levels are down to <6pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz and with a bandwidth to 3kHz, these sensors can be used for almost any magnetic field measurement application from pT up to 1mT. Combined with a range of enclosures, these magnetometers can be used in a laboratory, in the field, underwater or for airborne applications.

They are easily integrated into your own measurement platform, or can be combined with one of our Power Supply or Data Acquisition Unit to provide a complete measurement system, for application such as site survey prior to MRI installation.

Typical applications:
  • Use as feedback sensors on active cancellation systems
  • Measurement of magnetic field disturbances, for example around MRI
  • Geophysics including time domain electromagnetic and magneto-telluric
  • Monitoring of magnetic fields during experiments

  • Features:
  • Low noise levels down to <6pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
  • Frequency response from DC to 3kHz (-3dB)
  • A range of enclosures adapted to a broad range of requirements: cylindrical, unpackaged, and two part
  • Measuring ranges from ±70µT to ±1000µT
  • Bandwidth to 3kHz

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