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Mag-01H Single Axis Fluxgate Magnetometers

Mag-01H Single Axis Magnetometer  Mag C Probe Single Axis Fluxgate Sensor


This standalone single axis magnetometer is a portable, high-performance instrument. It provides precision measurements and display of the intensity of static and slowly varying magnetic fields in the direction of the probe. It offers a wide measuring range of up to 2mT, and resolution down to 0.1nT.

Mag-01H additionally provides an offset control and amplification switch, increasing resolution tenfold (to a maximum of 0.1nT). A range of probes is available, both low field (0.2mT) and high field (2mT) in a range of enclosures including high-vacuum and cryogenic.

The integral auto-scaling 4½-digit display provides direct access to the field strength whilst the analogue output can be connected to an A-D card. The internal rechargeable battery provides 16 hours’ continuous use and can be recharged using the mains adaptor provided.

These instruments feature superb linearity and accuracy, and very low drift with time and temperature. Calibration is traceable to national standards and a re-calibration service is available.

Typical applications:

• Cryogenic probes to measure remanent magnetisation inside RF (radio frequency) cavities used in particle accelerators.

• Field uniformity measurements during manufacture of electro and superconducting magnets.

• Compass safe distance testing during EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) test.


• Axial, transverse and cryogenic probes available in both low field (0.2mT) and high field (2mT).

• Displayed resolution down to 0.1nT.

• Mains or battery powered.

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