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Mag-01H D/I Declinometer/Inclinometer System

Mag-01H Declination/Inclination System in the Field Mag-01H Declination/Inclination System Mag-01H D/I Single Axis magnetometer image provided by Tech21 April 2012


This precision measurement system combines the a high resolution single axis fluxgate probe, mounted onto a non-magnetic theodolite, and it's associated magnetometer. This enables the accurate measurement of the Earth's magnetic field declination and inclination in magnetic observatories or in the field.

The system comprises a single axis fluxgate magnetometer (Mag-01H), a fluxgate probe (Mag A Probe), and a WILD T1 6" steel-free theodolite. A steel-free tripod is available for mobile surveys. The Mag A Probe offsets are electronically adjusted to ensure the highest accuracy during the declination and inclination observations (using the null-method), with the angular values easily estimated to 2 seconds on the Wild T1.

Typical applications:

• Absolute measurement of Declination and Inclination in magnetic observatories for correction of variometer's baseline.

• Declination and inclination mapping for in directional drilling operation or cartography.

• Reference tool in calibration of rangefinders or compass roses.


• High accuracy due to the use of a 6 arc second-precision theodolite, combined with a magnetometer providing 0.1nT resolution.

• Electronic adjustment of offset.

• Non-magnetic theodolite.

• Long term stability.

• Battery powered.

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