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Helmholtz Coil Control System

PA1 Power AmplifierCU1 Control Unit


These units are for use with Bartington Instruments' Helmholtz Coils (HC1, HC2, HC9 and HC16) and are also compatible with the Ferronato™ Coils. It includes the PA1 Power Amplifier, CU1 Control Unit and CU2 Closed-Loop Module.

Whilst the PA1 provides the necessary power to the coils, the CU1, connected to a suitable National Instruments™ acquisition card, makes the interface between the PA1 and a control PC. When using CU2, active compensation of external DC and AC field is provided improving both the stability of the field inside the coils, and facilitating the system setup.

A LabView™-based control software is also supplied to provide a turnkey Helmholtz Coil System.

Typical applications:

• Calibration of three-axis magnetic field sensors.

• Creation of a known magnetic environment.


• Closed-Loop compensation using CU2.

• Orthogonality correction using PA1.

• Control software available.

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