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HC9 350mm Helmholtz Coil

HC9 350mm Helmholtz CoilsPA1 Power AmplifierCU1 Control Unit


Bartington Instruments' HC9 Helmholtz Coil system is designed to generate stable and homogeneous magnetic fields in up to three axes. The system consists of HC9 Helmholtz Coils with a diameter of 350mm, PA1 Power Amplifier and CU1 Control Unit (CU1). It interfaces with a PXI control system (or other compatible National Instruments acquisition card) enabling complete operation of the equipment. Each pair of coils generates a magnetic field in one specific axis - X, Y or Z.

The coil pairs generate a homogeneous magnetic field, up to ±1mT from DC to 440Hz and >±100μT at 5kHz. The HC9 allows for testing of small sensors at higher fields and provides a homogeneous field to 1% in a volume of 1150cm3, and homogeneous to 0.1% in a volume of 175cm3. A mounting table is provided to hold the test item inside the central homogeneous volume.

The CU1 Control Unit connects to a National Instruments Data Acquisition card to provide control of the system from a Labview™-based software, whilst compensation potentiometers on the PA1 are used to cancel the local DC magnetic field.

The coil assemblies can also be purchased separately from the rest of the system.

Typical applications:

• Calibration of three-axis magnetic field sensors.

• Creation of a known magnetic environment.


• Field strength of ±1mT from DC to 440Hz.

• Homogeneous field to 0.1% in a volume of 175cm3.

• Active compensation using CU2.

• Orthogonality correction using PA1.

• Control software available.

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