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Helmholtz Coil Systems

Helmholtz Coil Systems

Date: 31-Jul-2018

Bartington Instruments now offers Helmholtz coil systems in diameters of 350mm (HC9 & HC16), 500mm (HC1) or 1m (HC2). Also available are 1.3m (BH1300) and 2m (BHC2000) Ferronato™ Helmholtz coils. The coils generate stable and homogeneous AC and DC magnetic fields in up to three axes, with an amplitude up to ±1mT at DC.

Applications include calibration of magnetometers integrated in consumer electronics, satellite assemblies, and directional drilling tools used in oil and gas exploration.

The complete Helmholtz coil system, including PA1 power amplifier and CU1 control unit, also offers the CU2 closed-loop unit, which enables active compensation of surrounding DC magnetic fields and attenuation of AC fields to 50Hz.

The addition of the CU2 module increases system usability to more dynamic magnetic environments than previously possible.

The system runs through user editable LabView control software via a National Instruments acquisition card.

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