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Archaeology applications

Bartington Instruments offers a wide range of products to support archaeological work. From initial magnetic susceptibility mapping to magnetic gradiometry, we have a full range of products to support archaeological investigations.

Our MS2/MS3 magnetic susceptibility system is ideal for initial magnetic susceptibility mapping, whether across large sites, in trenches or downhole. Mapping of large areas can be performed using the Bartington MS2/MS3 meter in combination with the MS2D or MS2F probes, and provides a way of rapidly identifying areas of enhanced susceptibility. Horizons of cultural importance can be identified in borehole (with the MS2H) or in trenches (MS2K).

More detailed imaging of areas of interest can then be obtained using the Grad601 gradiometer. This instrument will provide a precise image of ditches, kilns, paths, roads, etc. The individual sensors contained within the Grad601 – Grad-01-1000L – can also be mounted on a multi-sensor cart system for increased ground coverage.

Lightweight carbon fibre cart 

Also available from Bartington Instruments is a lightweight carbon-fibre Non-Magnetic Cart, enabling coverage of larger areas in less time without needing to lay out grids. This cart is designed to carry up to twelve Grad-13 or Grad-01 gradiometer sensors together with all the related batteries and data-logging equipment. In addition, our new Grad-13 three-axis gradiometer will provide independent axes and vertical gradient as well as the calculated total field vertical gradient, adding information that can be used to improve characterisation of any archaeological features detected.