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Bartington Instruments is a leading provider of high-precision fluxgate magnetometers, magnetic susceptibility equipment and Helmholtz Coil systems.  We offer a range of products and services with applications across a host of sectors:

For information regarding our Defence and Space products please go to Bartington Defence & Space

Latest News

Agent Training in December

Date: 08-Dec-2017
Bartington Instruments was pleased to welcome key agents from around the world, for a week of product and application training, including hands-on and personalized instruction. In common with similar past events, it proved to be an excellent means of delivering information about recently release..
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Cost Reductions for Low Power Magnetometers

Date: 28-Nov-2017
Bartington Instruments is pleased to announce a price reduction across its range of compact 3-axis low power magnetometers. These magnetometers, ideal for battery powered applications, are used in multi-sensor surveillance arrays, or for measurements in remote locations. The new prices are a..
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GF603 Handheld Gaussmeter now available

Date: 29-Sep-2017
The GF603 Handheld Fluxgate Gaussmeter is now available. This unit provides resolution of up to 0.1nT, making it ideal for measuring low-intensity magnetic fields and residual magnetisation. It combines a compact handheld display unit with Bartington Mag690 fluxgate sensors, and operates at DC a..
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